Constructive Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

This program introduces a dispute resolution process and helps you use tools to assess how you currently manage and contribute to conflict. An experiential learning approach will engage you in developing practical skills to deal more effectively with conflicts, and re-establish trust where communication has broken down. A collaborative conflict resolution method, combined with coaching and feedback on actual workplace conflicts, will enable you to anticipate and, in turn, effectively manage and defuse, workplace clashes. This will contribute to more cohesive, healthy, productive teams. The learning from this program may also alleviate family tensions that may be affected by the ‘fallout’ from conflicts at work.

What can you expect to learn?

  • Become aware of, and understand, your own approach to conflict
  • Develop sensitivity to difficult behaviours and learn to decode them
  • Learn powerful tools and techniques for managing strong emotions
  • Apply a dispute resolution and meditation process with confidence

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