About MaraconCustomized
Highly customized to fit your environment, our training includes real-life scenarios taken from your organization. Our process of performing comprehensive Needs Assessment Inventories with your team members means that we always provide culturally responsive programs, meeting the needs of your employees and your marketplace. At Maracon we don’t just make superficial changes to our course materials. This is seriously relevant customization.

Not only are our programs fast-paced and fun, they’re practical. Our facilitators excel at creating an environment where supportive, candid communication is encouraged, and a deep level of self-reflection is reached. With an engaging mix of pre-work, theoretical concepts, exercises, cases, role-plays, videotaping and reflection, participant buy-in and stay motivated. By the time they get to feedback and debrief, participants will have the ability to analyze behaviours and call on their newfound knowledge to guide them to success.

It’s all about the skills transfer. Maracon’s goal is to facilitate high-impact success within your organization. How to we achieve this? We guide participants to profound individual insights, teaching them to in-turn apply this knowledge to the organizational setting. We provide effective take-away tools that participants will use in their day-to-day work. We offer ongoing coaching programs. And to top it off, each participant creates a personal action plan that encourages dialogue between team members, and that managers can use for career development. With Maracon, you get immediate skills transfer and lasting results.

At Maracon, we’re serious about what we do. We offer outstanding courses available to organizations large and small. We’ve put together a training team that is exceptionally seasoned in a variety of sectors and subjects. We’ve got a multitude of advanced tools and assessments at our fingertips. And as the experts, we know just when to use them.